How long does it take for my account to be made? After you purchase a Live-TV only subscription or premium VOD add-on, your account login details will be e-mailed to you within 24hrs in most cases. You will also receive user and password information for access to the Live TV only Subscribers section for installation support resources. Please check your junk mail! For subscribers who purchase the Rayder Android TV box, Jail-broken Fire TV Stick 4K, or other items that need to be shipped, your orders will be processed within 48hrs (weekends excluded), and TV boxes will be immediately shipped after processing. Shipping costs and delivery times will vary according to location and shipping methods chosen. Our default shipping method is USPS priority mail (flat rate between $7.50-$15; 1-3 days delivery). Please be aware that your subscription time starts the day items are shipped!!! This is a necessary step that we take to ensure everything is in working order when your purchased item leaves our facility.

What devices are supported? For people who purchase the Live TV subscription or VOD add-on service only, our service is supported on Android Boxes, Nvidia Shield, Android phones & tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Sticks using our supplied APKs that we will fully support. Our Live TV service could also be used on other streaming devices and STBs, but these other devices will not be officially supported on this website beyond providing URLs and ports. We will direct those customers to more comprehensive support sites for their specific device.

Rayder Android TV box or Fire TV Sick 4K? This will boil down to what you want from the device.  If you are only interested in Live-TV service, both devices will work fine.  We sell the latest version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K which is more powerful than the standard Fire TV sticks; therefore, the performance in streaming Live-TV is now very close between the Rayder TV box and the Fire TV Stick 4K.  However, the Rayder Android TV box is better for running Kodi.  Also, the Rayder TV box is quite a bit more versatile in that it runs all of Google’s services including the Play Store which the Amazon device cannot. You can do some gaming on both devices, however, you are very limited on the Fire TV Stick 4K because of the limited storage space on the device.  The Rayder TV box has a USB port for external hard drives and USB drives up to 4TB.  The USB port on the Rayder TV box can also be connected to a USB hub so that you can connect multiple devices such as a USB keyboard, USB game controllers, USB cameras, and other devices.  Finally, the Rayder TV box has Google Assistant and Chromecast built in with the device.  The Chromecast alone is a $35 value that gives you the ability to stream from your cell phone or any other streaming capable device to the Rayder TV box so that it shows up on your HDTV screen.  The Fire TV Stick 4K will only support streaming from Amazon tablets; however it has Alexa instead of Google assistant.  In the end, they are both quality devices for streaming.  However, you get a lot much more functionality with the Rayder Android TV box albeit at a slightly higher cost.    

Is a VPN Required? At this time, streaming Live-TV content via IPTV is not illegal in the US and most customers do not need a VPN right now. However, you may need one if your ISP is blocking you (UK Customers). That said, content providers (Time-Warner, Disney, Paramount, etc.,) are always making their best push to harass courts to change laws in their favor. According to the law as it stands, watching internet (IPTV) streams is not illegal, but downloading the content to your device is illegal. It is a weird gray area that lawyers on both sides are fighting, and things could go one way or the other at any time. Because of this, we will always recommend a VPN service if our cautious customers can afford one, even if its not necessary at the moment. In regards to KODI, part of your monthly subscription includes a Real-Debrid account. Not only does this mean lag-free streaming of high-quality streams, but Real Debrid links are also hosted on a secure off-shore server and behind a VPN. As long as you are streaming content in KODI using the Real-Debrid links, you are protected by a VPN service—even if you chose to download material from Real Debrid servers!!!

Does Rayder Live TV service have adult content? Yes, currently we have 90+ adult channels combined on the 2 different Live TV services, and countless amounts more on KODI. You have the option to order the LIVE TV service without the XXX, but you can always lock-out the channels if they are part of your subscription.

What Internet speed do I need? We recommend an absolute minimum 15+ Mbps connection speed to stream up to 720P with minimal issues. We recommend >20Mbps download speeds for good 1080P streaming and >25Mbps for 4K. This is true for both Live TV and KODI.

What channels do Rayder Entertainment Live TV service offer?
Our service currently has over 3000+ SD and HD Channels and we are always adding!
350+ USA
400+ USA Regionals
180+ Canada
350+ United Kingdom
300+ 24/7
100+ Latino
Premium Sports Packages including NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., and Event PPVs
Video on demand
& More!

Do you offer refunds?  Because we ship the Rayder Android TV box and Fire TV Stick 4K pre-programmed to access our Live-TV service, the TV boxes are thoroughly tested for functionality at our facility.  However, we will warranty and refund the cost of defective equipment plus shipping costs within the first 30 days of purchase if we are unable to resolve an equipment issue through our technical support.  Please contact us first for a RMA number, and refunds will be processed upon receipt of the item and after evaluation to confirm the defect.  Items returned under a warranty claim that are found not to be defective will be subject to a 30% re-stocking fee if undamaged.  Damaged items will not be accepted for warranty, no refund will be offered, and customers will be charged the shipping costs to send items back!  Customers who purchase equipment from us will have a period up to 30 days to return undamaged items for non warranty reasons; however, they will incur a 30% res-stocking fee that will be processed after items are received and evaluated to ensure that they are not damaged.  Items returned for any reason that are found to be damaged will be subject to the damaged item policy highlighted above.  Because we offer a Live TV service on devices we sell that involves setting up our customers with accounts for 3 different streaming products, we are unable to offer a refund for the Live TV service.  Each streaming product we offer is sold in 30-day increments that cannot be inactivated once services start; therefore, the services are sold as prepaid and is therefore non-refundable.